Before we go any further it is best to advise this site contains some rather explicit material suitable for persons over the age of 18 only!.

If you are easily offended by bad language and sexual images then I would suggest that you leave this website now!

If you are not offended by these things then let’s get into it!!! 🙂


At Badass Cakes we  print anything you want onto an edible icing sheet that you can then place on a cake, it is basically an edible photo and having the option to print anything you want opens up all sorts of creative ideas. Imagine the surprised look on your Flatmates face when he sees the “Get The Fuck Out” cake on the table when he gets home! Why be subtle when you can really make a show of it. How about the look on your girlfriends face when she see’s the cake that says ” Sorry About The Semen in Your Eye” , won’t she be surprised!!!.

Like I said, anything you want (except racist and homophobic requests) including naked girls for bucks parties or naked men for hens nights. Got a photo of your partner cheating, that would make a great cake and with such a statement! Get your thinking caps on and use our online form to upload your pic and order your edible icing cake topper.